After finally receiving some copper tape in the mail, the spare room got a makeover;

It's also worth noting at this point the safety issues of this project. Please please don't try this unless you are fully comfortable with the wiring of the circuit, and have the proper equipment. The capacitative system is completely safe, as no power is routed through the strip that circumvents the room (think touch lamps), but mis-wiring could potentially result in exposed live components. All the chocolate blocks I've used for this project are appropriately rated, and have been stress relieved with cable ties. Ideally I need to then heat shrink over the chocolate blocks, as mains voltage is not something to play with. 

The next steps are to look further at proper room integration, and striking a fine line between a visible light switch & a visually unobtrusive solution. Concepts need to made for the design of the switch that will be embedded in the wall- the aim is to design a hub as it were that would fit in the wall space of a conventional light switch. Further to that, I need to look at the power consumption- it may turn out that this is incredibly energy in-efficient.